As they say, "Necessity is the mother of Invention", and that's how Downtown Flags began.  I bought a building, opened 2 businesses inside (with different operating hours) and needed to tell people we were OPEN.  Simple.  We were in a  historic district (no neon, no tacky signs).  So I grabbed some canvas left over from the awning people and stitched up an angular, thin (city sign codes) fabric sign and hand stenciled the word OPEN vertically.

Worked great, so I made another.  A neighboring business liked it and wanted one also, and then another neighbor and you get the picture.  So I hand made over 50 flags for our little town, then the next town over and the next, etc.

Here we are years later, still making OPEN flags for downtown districts.  We now use a very high tech printing operation and several "ladies" sewing.  The design hasn't changed much but has greatly expanded.   We try to anticipate and stock some commonly asked for flags so we can ship them right away (usually next day). 

We also work closely with towns throughout the country to help them brand their shopping districts. 

Our product is entirely made in the USA, the wooden flagpoles are made in Maine, the cast aluminum brackets are cast in Pennsylvania, and the printing and sewing is done here in Virginia.  You can read more about the materials, sizes etc. in each listing.

One thing I'd like to say is that I LOVE my customers.  They are the hardest working, bravest, most creative people on the planet.  They have a passion, whether it be making cookies, curating fashion, or styling hair.  They are in business because they love what they do and do it well. 

It is in their spirit that my little business provides them something that they need and want to succeed, a simple, elegant, OPEN flag that speaks to their brand.

Thank you to all the dedicated shop owners!!